December 6, 2018- Maine WIC Case Study Poster Presentation for NWA Nutrition Education and Breastfeeding Conference

October 5, 2018- Friendly Airports for Mothers Act (FAM) Bill Signed into Law

April 16th, 2018- Army Authorizes Breastfeeding/Pumping T-Shirt

On April 16th the Army released a Memorandum authorizing the wear of commercially purchased breastfeeding/pumping shirts during the postpartum period under the Class C Utility Uniform. This is another step forward for the military, and the Army specifically, as they continue to support breastfeeding mothers.

January 16, 2018- Gideon and Herbig Announce Nursing Mother's Room at State House

July 18th, 2017- Apple Adds New Emojis That Include Bearded Man, Breastfeeding Mom

Celebrating the World Emoji Day, Apple has announced a new set of emoji that will include a woman with headscarf, a breastfeeding mom, a man with a beard and another meditating.

June 27th, 2017- New Research Reveals Policies That Support Access to Breastfeeding Counseling and Supplies Have High Rewards, Low Cost, from PR Newswire

Report finds that breastfeeding support has negligible impact on insurance premiums while saving hundreds of millions of dollars and improving health outcomes for babies and mothers

September 29th, 2016- Cost Analysis Study, from Maternal & Child Nutrition

A study published in the journal Maternal & Child Nutrition details the results of a new study to quantify the excess cases of pediatric and maternal disease, death, and costs attributable to suboptimal breastfeeding rates in the United States. Annual excess deaths attributable to suboptimal breastfeeding total 3,340, 78% of which are maternal due to myocardial infarction, breast cancer, and diabetes. Excess pediatric deaths total 721, mostly due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and necrotizing enterocolitis. Medical costs total $3.0 billion, 79% of which are maternal. Costs of premature death total $14.2 billion. For every 597 women who optimally breastfeed, one maternal or child death is prevented. This is the first comprehensive analysis of the health and economic burdens of suboptimal breastfeeding rates in the industrialized world, using Monte Carlo simulation models to include maternal and pediatric disease in a single study. 

Breastfeeding Rights Resources, from DOL

In celebration of National Breastfeeding Month, the U.S. Department of Labor has featured key resources to help pregnant and breastfeeding employees understand their workplace breastfeeding rights, including an interactive map to help users understand which laws addressing pregnancy discrimination, breastfeeding rights, and/or accommodations for pregnant workers apply in their state.  

State Policies for Supporting Parents, from NPWF

The National Partnership for Women & Families has released the fourth edition of Expecting Better: A State-by-State Analysis of Laws That Help Expecting and New Parents, a comprehensive analysis of state laws governing workplace rights including paid sick days, paid leave, and protections for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Promotion resources are available for supporters, coalition partners, allies, and lawmakers